It all started with….

Patrick has spent over 20 years researching human behaviour and the creative power of thought. This has lead him on a unique journey studying NLP, Mediation, Psychotherapy, Sliva Mind Control and the art of Firewalking, to name a few; as well as working in Trauma relief for victims of violence in South Africa and living on retreat with Buddhist Monks at Kwazulu Natal! Patrick has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom that he translates into real world results through his workshops, seminars and events.

Someone to whom people are instantly drawn to without truly understanding why, Patrick has an innate ability to inspire, motivate and energise individuals to perform at their best.

He challenges current thinking and gives new insights on perspectives using a plethora of activities and techniques designed to make lasting change.

It’s not only his charisma and style. Everything Patrick teaches comes from a position of knowledge, experience, scientific theory and fact – he is the inspirational source of Xtreme Minds!

Our Philosophy…

Patrick’s deep fascination of the mind is his greatest underlying passion and in many ways intersects with everything that he teaches. He firmly believes that our minds are the greatest tool we have to achieve anything we want. Putting it simply, he says, ‘your mind is the very world you live in. All results you get are directly related on how well you use it … and how well you use it depends directly on how you think …’